New Construction

The experienced professionals at Volk know how to take your building concept and transform it into a functional and attractive facility designed to meet your unique needs, while maximizing your capital investment.
Volk’s team management strategy follows 3 steps:

Strategize and Estimate

Volk Staff meets with the owner, engineer and architect to discuss the project and develop an initial plan. Based on these initial discussions, we develop preliminary budgets and schedules.

Project Control

Once a budget is established and authorization to proceed is given, Volk staff meet with all key subcontractors and material suppliers to review the scope of work and outline a detailed construction schedule. We prepare submittal schedules and expedite the purchase and delivery of materials, blueprints and material data sheets. Volk thoroughly reviews all shop drawings, verifies project materials and ensures that those materials comply with the specification set forth by the architect and engineer.


We prepare all paperwork and manage every detail of the process, including procurement of permits and site supervision to ensure the project stays on schedule and in budget. At completion, we provide record drawings of the construction, as well as, warranties, guarantees and the owner’s manuals.