Christian Hospital Northeast Emergency Department
Christian Hospital Northeast Emergency Department Renovation

St. Louis, MO

BJC, Christian Hospital

Phase 1 of the project was a partial renovation of the radiology department. This included demolition and roof enclosure of a light well, 2 special procedure exam rooms, 5 cath recovery bays, ED radiology room, build-out for (2) relocated CTs, staff break room, inpatient holding, outpatient waiting, and radiology reception.

Phase 1 also included a build out of shell space to relocate the EMS staff from the ground floor to the 1st floor. This opened up space on the ground floor to expand the emergency department. A new air handler was also installed in phase 1 which provides dedicated service to the ICU. This will allow an existing air handler, which is being rebuilt as part of the project, to provide dedicated service to the emergency department.

Phases 2 through 8 involve renovation of the emergency department. The owner’s operations within the emergency department will remain operational throughout the phases. Project elements in the emergency department include 29 exam / treatment bays, 4 psychiatric rooms, 5 resuscitation rooms, patient toilet rooms, soiled utility rooms, clean supply / meds / nourishment rooms, open areas for staff work, staff restrooms, a staff break room, janitor closets, and associated circulation space.