Shoenberg Cooling Towers
Barnes-Jewish Hospital Shoenberg Cooling Towers

St. Louis, MO

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is home to acres of state-of-the-art equipment and technology producing large amounts of heat. Keeping the buildings, labs and treatment rooms at an exact temperature is essential for the equipment to run properly and help save lives.

The Shoenberg Cooling Towers job required the placement and installation of three cooling tower units and associated steel for a screen wall on top of the Shoenberg Building. The Shoenberg cooling tower units are the prime service for the Shoenberg system, as well as supplement the Center for Advanced Medicine, the adjacent Kingshighway Building and the Steinberg Building. These units also serve as the primary coolant for MRI and CT scanners, providing the equipment with the proper conditions needed to operate efficiently.

The cooling towers and associated steel were lifted onto to the twelve story roof by a crane, which required street closure and major detours without significant impact to traffic flow or hospital access. The crane had to lift and hold the steel for the screen wall while it was welded into place. This required a significant amount of coordination and communication throughout all trades. Two runs of 20” pipes were installed from the sub-basement to the ninth floor mechanical room. The two runs of pipe ran up an old cart lift shaft, with minimal access through cart lift doors, into the mechanical room. The pipe ran through occupied spaces that led to a sterilization facility. The areas needed to be kept clean due to the cart and people traffic throughout the space.